This the Special Custom Product page
where you get to
"Pick YOUR Price" you pay or to pay a Tip
 for the Coaching/Consulting/Training you received from us!
We hope you Enjoyed your
Live Training with Our Experts
We hope you found Tremendous Value in our Coaching/Consultation we had with you. We are trying a Wild and New Concept in Funnel Coaching / Consulting... and that is We let YOU "Pick Your Own Prices" for Our Services or to give us a Tip for our Services.

This could be kind of Risky but we Trust You to do the right thing... This is a VERY LIMITED TEST we are doing for a Very Limited Number of people. We hope to offer this more in the future... if we get a Favorable Response we will consider that in deciding if we offer this more in the future, or not. Thank you for your Generous Payment and/or Tip for the help we gave you.

How this works is: you simply select how much you want to compensate (pay/Tip) us for the services given to you from the Menu. Then this amount is charged to your Credit Card for the payment for our Coaching/Consulting we did with you already.

It is kind of like when everyone paid things with Cash money (except we don't have coins, $1, $5, or $20's)...  but we do have $10's, $50's, $100's, as well as $500's and $1,000's like back in the old days.

Here are a few Example:

If you wanted to Pay or Tip us $2,500... you could simply select 2 - $1,000 and 1 - $500 on the product menu and the Order Total would be $2,500 and that amount would show up on the order Summary area and when you clicked the red button it would be charged to the credit card you used.

Or, if you wanted to pay us $480... Simply select 4 - $100 and 1 - $50 and 3 - $10 for a total of $480.

Or, If you wanted to really reward us $5,160 you could select 4 - $1,000 and 2 - $500 and 1 - $100 and 1 - $50 and 1 - $10 and that will total $5,160.

The Subtotals will start to show up in the Item Summary below the Selection Menu and the Order Total below that as you start to select what to pay. It's simple, right?

Then finish filling out the form and choosing the amounts, then click the Red Button below the order form to send the payment. If you would like to include a brief Testimonial about the Training/consulting/coaching feel free to type it in the box market "Testimonial" before clicking the button. Thank You! And let us know how we can help you again. Best Wishes to your Success!

Remember you are "just one funnel away..."

Earl Daly, Leader & CF Certified Partner

Brilliant marketing mind that has over 22+ year of experience in Business and some of them even successful... And a Click Funnels Certified Partner. Here to help scale your Business to the next level.

Mary Daly, Tech Expert

She is great at the details of how to do Tech things like Setting Up your Custom URL stuff... and "where that one feature was that did that one thingy"..
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