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All you had was a roof over your head, Phone, Internet, and a Click Funnels account for 30 days???

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Help you get going!
  • One on One Consultations: For a Limited Time Offer... For Every 1 hour consultation you purchase... you get an Extra 30 Minute BONUS Session added on for FREE! (Limited Time Offer! )
  • Or you could say that you Get your 1 and1/2 hour Online Consultation for the price of one Hour Consultation, on the topic of your choice related to Funnels, Click Funnels, and On-line Marketing.  Either Way you say it, There are Very LIMITED SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE! And This offer is a Limited Time Offer.
  • Benefits: You can get 1 on 1 Consultation from a Click Funnel's Certified Partner On-line. We can even go into your Click Funnels account and help you set things up, or Plan out your next Million Dollar business... or consult you on your plans to dominate your Niche! (Appointments are online via Skype or Zoom On-line type platforms).
  • The Investment for this is $997 per 1 hour consultation... and you get an Extra 30 Minute BONUS Session added on for FREE!
  • You Apply and Fill out our Pre-Consultation Form: To help you get more laser focus attention and answers helping you to get more for your dollar!
  • There are a Very Limited Number of Spots! Get your Spot Now before they are all gone!
    Because we can only take on very Limited Number of Clients, we are selective on who we take on as a Client!
    We like to work with Awesome People that are trying to make the world a better place and that we can create a Win/Win situation...
     If this is you... Then click the Yellow Button and fill out the Application! This is a PrePaid Application. (Note: If we choose not to work with you, then we will Refund Your Money.)
What someone to look over your funnel?
Limited Time Pricing Offer!!!
For just $997 you can have a Certified Partner look over your Funnel!
- We'll make sure that everything is hooked up right.
- We will also give you recommendations and improvement you can make to help you get a jump on your success!
  • Benefit: Saves You Time and Money!! Having a Certified Partner go through it can Save you BOTH Time and Money! Specially Before you spend a bunch of money on ad's and waste a bunch of time "pushing the gas" just to find out that your "parking brake" was on! We will make sure your funnel is hooked up right and has a great chance to Succeed!
  • Feature: We will go through your Funnel and make sure things are hooked up right and working right.  We will then make you a 30 min video of improvements and changes that we would make if it was our funnel.
Done WITH YOU Services!
  • Our Staff and Certified Partner help you through the processes and help you make things work for your Funnel.
  • We have several Classes and Coaching options... including (but not limited to) Funnel Quick Start program, and the Funnel Quick Starter Event.
  •  We have Group, or 1 on 1 Coaching to help you blast through the speed bumps and road blocks that you might run into along your journey.
  • Here are some of the Topic's you can choose from within the 3 Main Categories:
  •  1- The Funnel Strategy and Architecture:
           Competitive Research:
           Customer Avatar:
           Value Ladder:
           Customer Bait:
           Funnel Blueprint:
  •  2- "The Build":
           Custom Domains:
           Page Editor Mastery:
          Basic Structure Build:
          Custom Funnel Scenarios:
          Actionetics Configuration:
          Backpack Configuration>
  •  3- Publishing, Testing, & Optimization:
          WordPress Plugin:
          Funnel Testing:
          Funnel Analytics:
          Funnel Tracking:
          Funnel Optimization:
  • Classes start at $997.
  • Group Coaching starts at $1,497.
  • 1 on 1 Coaching starts at $2,997.
  •  Click the Red Button, and Fill out our Pre-Coaching and Pre-Class Application, so we can best help you with your wants and needs for your Funnel Success Training!
Done FOR You Services!
  • Benefit: Our Certified Partners and Staff do the Funnels for you! You do the stuff you do best, and we will build the funnel parts!
  • You get to keep working on making your Product/Service and running your businesses.
  • We do NOT Accept Everyone! There are a Very Limited Number of Clients we take on and are selective on who we take on as a Client! You will have to Fill Out an Application and send it in.
  • We Custom design our "Done For You" Projects, and include only the parts you want. We will consult with you on the other parts, so they work together well. If you would like to have us do parts of the process (ex: design and hook up the funnel, and you do the Copy (the words part - Headlines, Text, button Call to actions, sales letters copy, etc) We can break it down any way that will work for both of the parties involved. We Love WIN/WIN/WIN situations!!! A Win for your, us, and your customers!
  •  Done FOR YOU Projects start at $9,000 (depending on the scope of the project they might be $20,000+.)
     For a select type of Projects there might be upfront flat fee (Starting at $9,000) plus Percentage (usually 10%-20%) of Sales made through the funnel up to 1 million dollars. But this a small select type of Projects for a Select Businesses. If you think this might be you, Click the Green Button and Fill out the Application and Ask about it.
  • ​We also have our Monthly Plans that includes Ad's and Funnels. They start at $2,400/mo. plus a small % of the Sales. This % incentivizes us to get you the "best results" possible, instead of just "good enough" results.
     But this a small select type of Projects for a Select Businesses. If you think this might be you, Click the Green Button and Fill out the Application and Ask about it.
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What to do if you were to have to start over from Zero and you only had a phone, internet and a Click Funnels Account for 30 days?
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